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See what other people are saying about our The Emory apartments! At The Emory Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I have been living here for 9 months now and I love it ! It's has been hell looking for a great apartment my boyfriend and I have been living in Colorado springs for 4 years now and we been through many apartments and this is by far the one we love we always ended up having to move out after our lease would end because of many reasons and for once we are going to stay another year I love it here Junifer goes out of her way to make sure you have everything you need . We moved here when I was pregnant and now we have a little 4 month old he seems to love it too . Our neighbors are the best and it's a very quiet environment. I would recommend these apartments to anyone they are just the best.


Me and my husband moved from Florida to Colorado Springs. We looked at other apartments, but as soon as we saw this one and met junifer !! She was warm and welcoming. We even down sized about 430 ft from out last apt. We still love this apt more. It spacious for a one bedroom. It cute and cottage feel to us. The neighbors have been nice and warming. But also stay to their self. We left some stuff outside. And some one returned it to the office for us. We just love it here. We saw the bad reviews and we’re kinda iffy. But they are under new management and everything has been amazing. Just remember most people only write reviews when they are mad. So keeep that in mind.


I may not have known amanda but the current property manager Amanda is amazing and really helped me when I needed it the most. I felt welcomed when I first came in and I didnt feel shy when I had to ask her to help me again with my rent.her customer service is excellent and the place itself does have some battle scars but it feels like a home.I recommend the Emory to anyone.


I've been at the Emory for about a month. I've met many of the residents and I must say they are wonderful people. Even though every one may not know each other personally there is a strong sense of community. Kind people from different backgrounds and ethnicities and every one fits into the puzzle. Nice place to live and work also. Personally I know the new manager Junnifer is a very kind honest hard working woman. She made me as well as any one who encounters her feel very important and gets right on any issue raised even issues caused before her time. Maintenance is awesome and right on any issue promptly. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner and to be completely honest he was so down to earth and friendly I didn't realize he was the owner until I was told later. He seemed to understand and be the every day kind of guy. That I can appreciate greatly. I would just say to any one interested there is no place with out history good and bad, but here with this crew and owner there is a bright present and future ahead on this property. Stop by and speak with Junnifer and like myself you'll be convinced.


Yes, there were some issues in the past. However, new management has been brought in and are doing a great job addressing the previous problems. Junifer has been friendly, helpful, and professional in all our interactions together. If you are looking for affordable apartments in Colorado Springs then consider the Emory.


We've been living here since 2012 and very happy here. Occasionally you have bad neighbors but they've been dealt with in timely manor. Our current manager, Amanda has been swift in dealing with maintenance issues. She works hard in handling problems. This is a pretty close community thanks to Amanda's efforts to make it like family! 😃🌹⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I have been living in this complex for two months now and I love it. Its very quit to me giving the location its at that's a plus. I would like to thank Amanda and her team for making us feel at home, most of all thanking them for a days worth of amazing work they do to keep our tenants satisfied, that's a job well done. Thank You Emory Apartment Staff for all you guys do for keeping this complex well manage, peaceful, and a place we can call home. Amanda and her team is hard workers, has brought this complex a long way, compare to what it was like 4-5 years ago., Me personally would not have lived here. So thank You Amanda and your team for making this place way better than before!!!!


Great apartments no bugs, no issues. Neighbors were kind and polite. I stayed there for one year. Would have stayed longer but my roommate ran out on the lease. Great complex

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